Successful digital marketing case studies

Was structured, in earlyas a loose confederacy of regional business centers and IT silos. They then had the option to share a Heineken and discuss their differences — which every pair chose to do.

Leading back to a specialized microsite that gave more information, the image acted as a gateway to the full digital campaign, which included a quiz that viewers could take to see how much they were at risk. Reaching a tipping point, LEGO started restructuring and digital transformation focused on new revenue sources coming from movies, mobile games, and mobile applications.

The hashtag started gaining traction on social media from celebrities and politicians including American Football legend Joe Montana, former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, as well as former US secretary of state John Kerry. Every solution we create starts with the premise that B2C marketing is over.

So if you need orders to break even, and your conversion rate is 0. Digital transformation is profound change in business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience.

Their goal, however, was not to reduce expenses, but to take resources that were tied up in maintaining fragmented and complex legacy systems and free them for use in expansion and innovation. Using multiple platforms to tap into trends and tell engaging stories, these campaigns use a range of styles and themes to help organizations create a buzz around their message, product and brand.

9 Successful Digital Marketing Case Studies That Increased Revenue

In this age of empowered consumers, where consumers lead and your brand must follow, the shift from a product-centric approach and brand-driven touchpoints to consumer-driven touchpoints is redefining the rules of success. Speed Time is of the essence for any consumer.

We specialize in designing people-centric media, content and experiences. Its cloud solution serves as an innovation platform with a full-fledged sales solution capable of handling the entire buying cycle: It involves online purchasing and in-person collection of products, cutting out the middle man by eliminating delivery.

Careers With a history spanning years this year is the big anniversaryJohn Lewis has gone from strength to strength. Of course, this is just a break even rate.

With subscribers now at a record level ofdigital subscriptions in the first quarter ofthe campaign is an excellent example of using current events to create a sense of urgency and drive customer engagement. Do these case studies relate to your business? It was received enthusiastically, achieving 3 million views only eight days after its launch, with over 50, shares in its first month and a trending hashtag OpenYourWorld.Digital case study: John Lewis’ Secret To Digital Marketing Success Careers With a history spanning years (this year is the big anniversary), John Lewis has gone from strength to strength.

We’ve created a slew of successful digital marketing campaigns for top brands like LG. Learn more about our social, mobile and other marketing clients. Digital marketing in practice: on this page, we gave the floor to our customers.

9 Awesome Digital Marketing Case Studies in B2B

They share with you their experience of Universem's services. Our teams are a real extension of their marketing department and their success is ours. Read more.

From politics to alcohol, non-profit to fashion, let’s examine what strategies lie behind the most impactful digital campaigns of so far. 1) Politics - New York Times This stark, copy-led campaign was multi-platform, appearing on TV, in print, outdoor, on social and in direct email marketing.

Think digital marketing ROI is elusive? It's time to think again as these 32 B2B digital marketing case studies provide some inspiring successes! Some of the best digital marketing case studies that we've come across, showcasing what's new and working in social media, content marketing, SEO, and more!

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Successful digital marketing case studies
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