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The highest authority that supervises education in Saudi Arabia is the Supreme Committee for Educational Policy, established in Will the students be ready to accept the change?

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In the US, though, every student has to pay tuitions for their education and they are not offered monthly stipends as their Saudi Arabia counterparts. In other words, this means that as the students learn, they must spend six years of their school life learning English Language.

It should be able to analyze all the internal and external factors that affect teaching and learning English in this environment. As for the intermediate education, 6. The openings were prompted by Iffat, the wife of Faisal of Saudi Arabia. As for the secondary education, In Saudi Arabia had nine accredited Philippine schools.

Below is a Gant Chart that I have created so as to show the timeline of my project and all the activities that I would be doing.

Religion taught in this manner is also a compulsory subject for all university students. Nonetheless, the Nab Alaloom School is a renowned institution in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, especially in producing alumni that have excelled very well in different fields of study.

About this resource This Education essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Education in America 2d ed. How much will be the budget for changing the curriculum?

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There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. For how long will it be sustainable to be sending Saudi Arabian students to foreign counties so as to learn English and other courses? For example, it is easier for scientists to communicate through English in explaining issues that would be difficult explaining in different native languages.

All national primary schools are day schools and are not co-educational.

Education in the US vs. in Saudi Arabia

A further criticism of the religious focus of the Saudi education system is the nature of the Wahhabi -controlled curriculum. Education has been one of the most important things in all nations and it considers one of the main reasons of people and countries development.

Some of the people who would resist this plan would be very important people in the ministry of education therefore making it almost impossible for a change of curriculum to occur since they are the people who make such critical decisions.

Do the teachers have an experience in teaching English? M, T, SB, P In contrast, students in Saudi Arabia are divided based on their gender such that girls and boys do not mix.

One observation was, "The country needs educated young Saudis with marketable skills and a capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship. There will also be questions directed to the Nab Alaloom teachers with regard to their attitude towards teaching English and also the curriculum in general.

Government also appoints and pays for a qualified director in every private school. Afterwards the Saudi government began opening state-operated girls schools. Section 1 Based on the above extensive introduction and literature review on the issues affecting teaching English language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I feel that it is now important for me to explain my action plan that would assist in improving teaching and learning English language in this country and thus reduce the number of government sponsored students who are sent annually to the US and other countries to learn.

This process must be undertaken with a lot of openness and credibility so that the information collected can reflect the true state of events at Nab Alaloom. A number of schools in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam have been selected for the implementation of this project.

Undeniably, other overlapping and interrelated factors such as the education of the parents sometimes plays a major role in the enthusiasm of the student in learning English. Girls education was put under the control of a separate administration controlled by conservative clerics [20] as "a compromise to calm public opposition to allowing not requiring girls to attend school".

United States vs. Saudi Arabia Educational System Essay Sample

Nonetheless, English language in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has not been adequately adopted by the citizens since most of them speak in Arabic, which is the dominant language. In the US, universities are large complexes and may be as big as an entire city housing shopping malls, hospitals, supermarkets and restaurants.

On the other hand, I also found interesting opportunity queries for the improvement of learning English in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Another 93, students 72, male and 21, female were in Intermediate Diploma courses and 1, students 1, male and female were in Higher Diploma course. It is for this reason that I am of the opinion that we should bring back our Saudi students since we have all it takes to prepare and nurture them at home.This essay will focus on the comparison between the education system in Saudi Arabia and England.

When the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was founded ineducation was not easy to get to everyone and limited to individual teaching at religious school in mosques or by private teacher at home. The number of Saudi Arabian students enrolled at American universities has skyrocketed since the launch of a massive Saudi government scholarship program inincreasing more than after more than a decade of growth, many universities with sizable Saudi populations are anticipating significant declines in new Saudi enrollments as the government has retooled the scholarship program.

Charity Burnett Dr. St John English () 4/10/13 Saudi Arabia Culture report Western culture differs dramatically from Saudi Arabian culture, from religion, to education to music and food, even dress; they really are two different worlds.

The education system in Saudi Arabia is primarily under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, and Germany. female students in higher education in Saudi Arabia out number those in. The education system in Saudi Arabia relies mostly on the students’ ability to memorize what the teachers teach them.

Students are therefore restricted to reading only what the teachers have taught them and then replicating the same in a n examination. Introduction of TOPIC. United States vs. Saudi Arabia Educational System. Educational Systems in Saudi Arabia and United State “A human being is not attaining his .

Saudi students in the us education system essay
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