Prenatal and newborn development brochure

American Academy of Pediatrics newborn screening task force recommendations: Cost of testing The initial newborn screening and follow-up screening are of no cost to the parents. BIOT is an inherited deficiency of Biotinidase.

Fetal Health and Development

More than four million infants are born and undergo newborn screening in the U. Hb SS is a blood disease that can cause severe pain, damage to the vital organs, stroke, and sometimes death in childhood. Expanded screening including each of these disorders is available throughout New England but each state mandates which disorders are required for screening differently.

Argininosuccinic acidemia ASA incidence is less than 1 inThese babies have the inability to process the amino acid leucine. Retrieved April 10,from March of Dimes Web site: Avoiding fasting and following a diet low in protein and fat and high in carbohydrates can lead to normal development.

Additional treatments may include intermittent pain medications and regular blood transfusions.

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A recent study suggests that for every true positive test result from newborn screening, there are 12 false positive ones. The front identifies what metabolic disorders were screened for. Drug treatment, sometimes along with a low-protein diet, is very effective in preventing liver and kidney damage.

The second trimester usually ends around the 26th week and consists of the 4th, 5th and 6th completed months.

EDU 305 Week 1 Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure

This does not necessarily mean that the newborn is at risk. Newborn Screening Report Card This card can be distributed during your discussion about newborn screening.

These are some of the most reliable resources available online for questions about newborn screening.

Newborn Screening Guide for Prenatal Educators

Be sure to know the laws in your state and inform your students of their options for screening their child. This disorder is caused by a defect of an enzyme required to activate several biotin-dependent enzymes.

Symptoms can first appear at any age from the newborn period through adulthood, but tend to be most severe in infants. By detecting a metabolic disorder and initiating treatment early, serious health problems can be avoided.

Fetal Development

Special considerations If a blood transfusion is needed, the health care provider will wait 24 hours to take the blood sample from a newborn.

Early diagnosis allows use of hearing aids by 6 months of age, helping prevent serious speech and language problems.

EDU 305 Week 1 Individual Assignment Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure Refrences

The pediatrician should then contact the family directly with the results. Prolonged fasting or febrile illness, especially when accompanied by vomiting can produce liver failure, low blood sugar, or sudden death.

It can easily be used to correspond with the information provided in this packet. With early diagnosis and treatment, normal development is possible.Resource: Brochure Builder located on your student website Imagine your school is reaching out to new parents or parents-to-be in your community whose children may eventually go to your school.

The outreach program is attempting to educate parents on prenatal and newborn development in the hopes that parents will better prepare their children for kindergarten. EDU Week 1 Individual Assignment Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure Refrences.

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Your Newborn; Baby Development; Solids & Finger Foods; Sleep & Feeding Schedules; Your Postpartum Health; SEE ALL IN BABY. Prenatal Care AT A GLANCE Now that you're pregnant, getting regular healthcare is more important than ever.

Learn what to expect at your first prenatal visit, and how to prepare for your second trimester and third. View Notes - EDU Week 1 Individual Assignment Prenatal and Newborn Development Brochure from ECO eco at University of Phoenix. through the outreach program. Your presentation can be in.

Individual Assignment Prenatal And Newborn Development Brochure Nbsp Resource Builder Located On Your Student Website Imagine School Is Reaching Out To New Parents.

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Prenatal and newborn development brochure
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