Online vs traditional classroom rogerian argument

Surprising Flexibility One might be surprised about the level of flexibility opportunities found through traditional classes, depending on the university. The Rogerian approach typically downplays the emotional in favor of the rational so that people of good will can find solutions to common problems.

In fact, distance learning has a long history—much longer than most people think. The Rogerian method for arguing is similar to the situation of the ring master: Indicate the beliefs and values that you share. That means that students with a tight working schedule can enjoy the flexibility of online classes.

In the introduction to a Rogerian argument, the writer presents the problem, typically pointing out how both writer and reader are affected by the problem.

What is Rogerian Argument? (Kiefer)

Some issues are so highly charged that it is very difficult and perhaps impossible to persuade the audience.

In a Rogerian argument, you must be willing to change your views. Instead of promoting the adversarial relationship that traditional or classical argument typically sets up between reader and writer, Rogerian argument assumes that if reader and writer can both find common ground about a problem, they are more likely to find a solution to that problem.

Online vs. Traditional Education—Which is Best?

Take a look at the following reasons why learning on campus is an excellent choice: Building on this tradition of pro and con, our judicial system goes even further to emphasize the adversarial nature of many arguments.

In a traditional argument, you begin with a strong declarative thesis statement.

Traditional Vs Rogerian Argumentation Style

While the Rogerian argument uses reason and logic, its primary goal is not to "win" the argument, but to open the lines of communication. But there are other forms of arguing; one of the most well-known alternative form of argument is the Rogerian argument. First is a traditional argument.

In a traditional argument, the writer argues reasonably and fairly, but the argument becomes kind of a struggle or a "war" where the writer attempts to defeat the opposition.

Directing your argument toward a compromise or workable solution. Being willing to change your views. But no argument, Rogerian or otherwise, will succeed unless the writer understands the reader.

Is the struggle between online and traditional education one of them? This is the same for all argument essays. Price Comparison As previously stated, there is not a significant price difference between the tuition and fees associated with learning on campus. Establishing common ground with the opposition.The Rogerian argument does not take the confrontational stance of the traditional argument.

While the Rogerian argument uses reason and logic, its primary goal is not to "win" the argument, but to open the lines of communication.

To properly open the lines of communication. Start studying traditional vs Rogerian argument. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Online vs Traditional Learning Essay; Online Classes vs. Traditional Classroom Learning When deciding to take college courses there are many choices you have to make.

One of the more important choices is where you plan to take your classes. Rogerian paper: Comparing student learning: Traditional Learning vs.

Online. Distance Learning vs. Traditional Education Essay; Distance Learning vs. the Traditional Classroom Non-traditional students are finding it easier and easier to maintain a job, a family, and pursuing a college career at the same time.

More about Distance Learning vs. Traditional Education Essay. The. Traditional vs. Rogerian. Form of Arguments.

The purpose of an argument is to convince an undecided audience, but there are different ways of doing this. Online Vs Traditional Classroom Rogerian Argument.

Online education vs. traditional classroom Achieving a higher education, universities have made it possible to students to have different options to earn a degree.

Online vs traditional classroom rogerian argument
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