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Improving Organization Retention essay

There are a lot of organisations with comfortable but somewhat de-motivated employees. In the long term this will increase the retention levels of key employees within the organisation.

Therefore, productive workers cannot distinguish themselves from non productive candidates Sigler, K.

Improving organization retention - Research Paper Example

Numerous factors are to be considered during this process including the culture of the organisation, legal implications, attracting and employing the correct candidate and the cost in time and resources. By inducting the new employee will know about the organisation, structure and goals. This information can be reviewed for the interview stage, to reduce further turnover problems Mullins, L Management can insure talented employees are given autonomy in their job functions and are given meaningful assignments, allowing them to be involved in the decision making for their area of expertise.

This can highlight areas within management practice that can be reviewed, to prevent further wastage of employees. Justice Theory This theory dwells on the call for fair treatment of all individuals within a given organization.

They should be consulted whenever a decision is made and in case the management deems the necessity of any changes in the organization, they should communicate it using the best ways possible. Making employees content in more factions of their lives makes more productive employees.

Reward systems are one of the four key policies within strategic HR. Employees that are satisfied with their job, will have no reason to seek alternative employment.

The challenge therefore for organisations is to develop reward systems that are perceived to be fair and equitable and distributing the reward in accordance with employee beliefs about their own value to the organisation Ramlall, S.

Employees are becoming self managed which requires them to be committed and demonstrate innovation and initiative in the work place.

The indirect cost to a company is the potential loss of revenue because of decreased levels of customer service Hacker, C. Employee workplace stressors can be reduced by organizations. The equity theory exists under the justice theory, whereby it calls for everyone to strive towards ensuring that all people experience equity and farness at the place of work.

Although the best recruiting sources are still dependant on the type of industry and the job skills required by the organisation Terpstra, D. Retention plans are vital for organisations.

The contracts and rules outlined should be followed to the latter in order to ensure that each and every person that is involved in the oganization is at peace and feel comfortable in the place they are currently. Reducing organizational constraints is another example.

Reward payment, share schemes and increasing employee job satisfaction may be useful in addressing the challenges surrounding employee retention. It is not just a low retention rate that can cause problems, too high a rate will stagnate the workforce. The kind of work that one participates in should be directly proportionate and equal to his or her pay.

Over 4, studios have been done since on why people resign; the most common reason is their line managers. Monitoring Leavers To help retain current employees it is useful to find out why individuals have left.

The assumption is then made that when an individual believes that their own treatment is not equitable, they will be motivated to take actions they deem appropriate. However Morrison and Robinson have argued that this definition focuses on the rational, mental calculation of what individuals have or have not received and downplays the emotional aspect of violation, they make the distinction between psychological contract breach and violation.

Share ownership by the employee is another type of pay incentive. The recruiting of an employee contains hidden costs; these include advertising and the time that is employed on screening and interviewing the prospective employee.

These costs are rarely specifically identified in any accounting records. Perceived control and work-family conflict are further stressors that should be examined. Motivation There are four main categories that the theories of motivation are classified 1 Economic needs of man, money motivates, Taylorism 2 Social concept of motivation, from the Hawthorne studies 3 Self actualisation this took the findings from the Hawthorne studies further, psychological issues were studied 4 the contingency approach, large number of variables that influence a persons motivation.

The mixture of experience, high skill levels, and high emotional stability prove to be an excellent combination to make a powerful team for the Airdevils. When formulating a retention plan it should be based on the outcomes of labour turnover analysis and risk assessment.

Careful consideration of each aspect by the organization will ensure that they can make informed decisions regarding each stressor. Through examining them all, they could reach conclusions on correcting behaviors throughout the company.

This has been described as like handcuffs to commitment. Although for the organisation some information is better that none. An organization will not succeed if the employees feel that their personal needs are not satisfied.

Those who have consistent distinguishing characteristics of persons who have a high need for achievement can describe many of the stunt performers at Airdevils. The most experienced workers will definitely find other jobs, as their services are always sought for by many organizations.

For instance, an employee or a team may have become so good at their job sthat their boss cannot bear too lose them or even promote them, which results in stagnation and de-motivation Rigby, R.Essay about Improving Personal and Organizational Communication.

Words 4 Pages. An example of what we are talking about, for instance, would be when you have to call a plumber that is late. When you call you find out that the plumber had canceled your appointment, and forgot to contact you. Improving Organizational Retention Paper.

For example, if you want to have people be open with you, then be open with them. If you want people to be nice, then be nice first. Reinforce desired behaviors. Show More. Related Documents: Improving Relationships Essay relationship marketing Essay Improving Organizational Retention Paper.

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A Review Paper on Organizational Culture and Organizational Performance attitudes of the employees. It is the people who make up the culture, he stated.

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Improving organizational retention paper essay example
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