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If it is unavoidable, we shall inform both of them and let them to make decision or we choose one. Under the acts, both employer and employee have obligation to ensure safety and health at workplaces and not causing environmental problems. Though the design of other engineer is well prepared and done, the engineer who take over the jobs shall monitor and ensure successful Iem pi and construction.

By adhering to company HSE policy, it is sometimes abide by the laws. The prime action is definitely to settle the HSE matters.

Introduction We, as engineers, do not injure directly or indirectly the prospect of another engineer. Car manufacturers such as Toyota and Honda have shown to the world of their commitment Iem pi responsibility to users of their cars.

Completion of duty and responsibility to current employer For design and build contract, which both contractor and consultant are working together to bid the project, contractor is the leader and appoint his consultant.

Stop work at early stage when problems are identified, rather than waiting until serious damage take place, could maintain good corporate image and make the business sustainable.

In the same time, I will quickly kick off the repair and rectification works, along with contingency plan such business response plan to catch up schedule of project activities and production after repair works with all relevant colleagues and staffs.

The planning can cover order and delivery of materials, sourcing for suitable tools, machines and technology to carry work in an efficient and speedy ways, training of staffs to be more skilful and employment of additional manpower.

Code of Ethics Appointment Most projects are awarded on competitive bidding basis. No disclosure of business information and copyright with current employer All works, done with current employer, could be considered property and business information of current employer.

It is shared here for reference of other candidates. In other words, no letter of appointment is issued or no official appointment of engineer will be carried out if the bidding is not successful.

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Should you accept the second appointment? Supposing you had been the designated engineer of one of the bidders that was not awarded with the letter of intent by the Client. Upon successful bidding and with the official appointment, he works together with his employer to ensure successful implementation.

If it is the work process could cause the HSE matters, the expert and relevant personnel shall modified the work flow with involvement and briefing to all staffs.

The cause of problem and remedy methods, should have already identified prior to or immediate to be identified after stop work initiated.

Engineering consultancy services ECP are professional services to design and advice the client for reliable, valued and front end engineering works. While in the same time, we plan and arrange in advance plans to recover business and project activities or production back to tracks once the HSE matters are settled.

Conclusion As an ethical and responsible engineer, we shall take care the interest of our employer and ensure duty and professional services rendered to him are completed. All economic activities and development will only become sustainable if people are healthy, work places are safe and environment is clean.

If yes, describe the situations, which might be seen as conflict of interests. How would you handle in a situation where there is a conflict between the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct and commercial consideration? In the same time, we shall be faithful and honest with our client and employer.

In addition, the current encountered difficulties can be informed to and discussed with clients.

This is to show our sincerity and commitment to them for quality excellence and to safeguard their interest too. The letter of appointment is often issued after successful bidding of the project.dan *(d) Borang Perakuan, Borang IEM/PI (2) yang ditandatangani oleh Majikan / Jurutera sepertimana yang diperlukan dan permohonan untuk ditemuduga serta menulis esei mengenai tajuk yang ditentukan.

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Mar 05,  · How would you handle in a situation where there is a conflict between the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct and commercial consideration? (The following write-up was prepared (written) by Mr. BAY prior to his sitting for PI on Feb THE IEM PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW DURATION 30 - 45 Minutes ORAL INTERVIEW.

THE ORAL INTERVIEW-is intended to assess the Candidate’s: a) Design Experience - Understanding with full participation b) Site/Field Experience - Degree of exposure and effective participation c) Management Experience - Capability to organise. MALAYSIA Professional Interview Application Form April PI A THE INSTITUTION OF mint-body.comsation Chart / Accountability Diagram Page 4 of 9.



Jan 01,  · Iem Pi Question and autoCAD, and participation in engineering related activity organized by body such as IEM as student member. This would be useful for engineering student to have.

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