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This is a market position strategy In which they are trying to utilize the price and quality attribute of positioning to compete.

Fe’nix Del Sur, Llc

There are regulations, competitive and economic factors that play a part in how this business should operate. Influences such as limited distribution, art interest of consumers changing, not having much product to push Fenix del sur case analysis essay to distributors amongst other things that can be financial red flags; maybe even leading to debt because they are spending more than what is being made.

The dilemma is whether or not the company feels that this contract is a good fit strategically. Some of these artifacts include jewelry and pottery from the Hopi and Navajo tribes. A few questions that need to be asked are ; What is the desired position?

Taking the contract would also display more weaknesses for the company because they will be selling more replicas, therefore changing the market for their products and affecting there notoriety.

Fiend del Sure could create a sub brand of their replica products, which are only sold in mass merchandising stores. Can they Increase their volume of replica products to meet the demand? Create a sub brand of products that are sold in retail stores.

Their focus would be somewhat taken away from acquiring authentic products and directed towards the replica industry. This opportunity could neutralize the threat of a hyper competitive environment that is inevitable.

Threats to the company would include the difficulty they are experiencing getting these products from overseas due to regulations and other uncontrollable and controllable environmental factors that will be further discussed. This alternative has several pros and cons. Will current the quality of their decorations stay in the top tier, and can they build brand equity ever time that allows them to retain a sustainable advantage?

This strength aligns well with the opportunity to obtain the contract with the department store. When evaluating opportunities, It Is good to classify them in terms of the type of strategy employed.

Perhaps their new marketing statement could be: Subsequently, the competition to get these artifacts is the second major issue. Splitting into two brands may cause conflicts within the company and erode the culture they have worked hard to establish.

The question that remains unanswered is can Fiend del Sure keep their current growth with the competitive conditions, and would adding the new contract hurt their sales?

Another weakness is the fact that they are having to pay more for these artifacts as they are becoming harder to find, and having to subsequently charge their customers more.

Since their current demand is already calling for more replicas to be made, perhaps F ;Unix del Sure should negotiate with their retailer to obtain a contract that allowed them to sell a dual braded offerings, replicas and genuine artifacts and crafts.

How to Write a Summary of an Article? One can infer that over time, with the amount of competitors there are, that these authentic pieces will become obsolete and that the only thing on the market will in fact be replicas.Read this essay on Fe'Nix Del Sur Case Analysis.

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Only at mint-body.com". Fe'nix del Sur case analysis I. Problem definition Should Fe'nix del Sur accept the contract from the mass-merchandise department store, thus tripling its replica production and broadening the firms position?

Essay on Fe'Nix Del Sur Case Words Apr 15th, 4 Pages I. Problem Statement A.

Fenix Del Sur Case Study

Fe’nix del Sur must decide if they want to work with the mass-merchandise department store by tripling its replica production in order to potentially add $4 million in. Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study In the case study of Fe’nix Del Sur, a company that sells large variety of artifacts belonging to South American and African according to the authors.

Fe’nix del Sur, LLC Case Analysis Jamil Caldwell Overview: Fe’nix del Sur is a limited liability company that sources and sells a wide variety of South American and African Artifacts.

They originated as a trading post operation in the early ’s. Read the Fe’nix Del Sur Case Study on pages in our textbook, and answer the five questions listed below in essay format. Your response should be a .

Fenix del sur case analysis essay
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