Diageo africa business reporting awards circuit

This development marks an early termination of the Brandhouse partnership, which was reconfigured for a further year term in As a result, these awards were launched in as a practical way of raising awareness of economic opportunity in Africa and to celebrate excellent business journalism.

Some outlets even went above the five-shilling margin and instead increased prices by bigger margins. Although sorghum and cassava is around 60 percent the price of malting barley, there still needs to be a cut in excise tax to reduce the price of these beers significantly which has seen them sell well in Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique.

The firm is wooing female African drinkers with Radler, a beer made from malt and lemon, to grow market share in a continent dominated by rivals SAB Miller and Diageo — which has majority shares in EABL. A powerful District Alcoholic Drinks Regulation Committee shall be put in place to regulate the sale of beer in the specific districts.

The law came into effect in November I look forward to working with them both to achieve our ambition. It will instead focus on its flagship brand to grow local market share, Business Daily reported on May, Diageo will sell its All journalists, writers, photographers, reporters and media houses are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

It encourages greater interest in doing good business, which in turns creates the right environment for sustained prosperity on the continent. A tough operating environment and constant tax increases have seen the brewer increase its retail prices in successive years, putting pressure on the sales volumes and profit margins of its traditional mainstream products.

This was not sufficient to boost demand and Goetzsche says the brand which accounts for around 5 percent of the group sales has seen a volume decline of 12 percent, in a country where SABMiller expects its overall beer volumes to rise 17 percent in the year to end-March Mr Kariuki said other than shielding consumers from low quality products, it will ensure manufacturers get value for their money since it will eliminate the counterfeits and low quality dangerous drinks.

Thirsty for Growth, Liquor Giant Taps African Market

We welcome your views on our reporting and on our approach to sustainability in general. This committee shall be in charge of licensing bars and brewers. There is no clear definition on what makes a beer a premium brand.

Kenya: 'Business Daily' Wins Diageo's Africa Journalism Award

Other definitions are qualitative such as a beer that represents a certain quality of lifestyle but the common thread is that consumers of premium beers have above-average income and are well travelled therefore do not mind paying extra for their choice of drink.

Its time restrictions limit bars to serving alcohol between 5 p. The cassava crop is processed by a mobile operating unit close to the growing crops and transported to the brewery where it makes up 70 percent of the starch requirement for brewing with the other 30 percent coming from malting barley.

Secondly, the sale of an alcoholic drink in a supermarket or such other related retail chain store shall not be allowed unless the applicant has taken measures to ensure that the area in which the sale is to take place is not accessible to persons under the age of 18 years.

Our reporting

The headquarters is in charge of marketing while distribution is handled by Maxam Ltd, which is associated with businessman Ngugi Kiuna who has held the franchise since We look forward to working with our longstanding partner Namibia Breweries and are excited about our future prospects in this important part of the global beer market.

During an interview, Mr Kariuki lauded the Act saying it encourages responsible drinking. These beers will no longer be sold in jars and cups as has been the tradition.

Submissions of pieces using new media are now encouraged across the board: Assurance We align our reporting with what we believe to be the best standards for non-financial reporting.Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks company, announced the winners of the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards at a gala ceremony in London yesterday.

No Kenyan journalist or media media house emerged winner in the competitive categories. Thirsty for Growth, Liquor Giant Taps African Market Diageo targets even poorest consumers with liquor made locally and sold cheaply. Diageo, the parent company of Guinness Ghana Breweries Limited (GGBL) has announced finalists of the annual Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards (DABRA) for This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the Awards, initiated by Diageo to recognise journalists and editors who provide high quality coverage of the business environment in Africa.

Diageo goes solo in South Africa

By experiencing South African daily life, I am exposed to all the nuances that often underscore bigger issues. Africa has enormous needs that include capacity building, infrastructure development; energy and power; telecommunications; poverty alleviation; urbanisation; economic development; and educational, health and water concerns.

Paper mint-body.comp Help Word Paper mint-body.comp help word arm 7 based final year project report report level filter in microstrategy interview Durham headline. Diageo has decided to forge its own path in the buoyant South African market, restructuring its business through the termination of a series of joint ventures.

Diageo goes solo in South Africa.

Diageo africa business reporting awards circuit
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