Democracy and objectives short answer questions

There are 40 villages in a district where the government has made no provision for drinking water.

10 Questions and Answers on Democracy

Under this system, people do not enjoy freedom of speech and expression and are not allowed to criticise the government. Our working hours must be reduced according to the law.

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Administration of the country is run by the representatives who are elected by the people. Which country in Africa was the first to become independent?

It cares a fig for the poor. Ina report published in USA pointed to the increasing inequalities in that country. Universal Adult Franchise is a system of election in which all the adult citizens, irrespective of the caste, creed, religion or sex etc.

What aspects of your identity do you keep private in order to be accepted? Write out the two separately for each statement. You might ask a few students to volunteer to share from their responses.

Democracy is of two types: The two definitions of democracy are as under: You might invite them to use a different colour pen for words and phrases that others might use to describe them that they do not consider to be part of their identities.

What parts of your identity do you choose for yourself? We start cursing the idea of democracy if some of our expectations are not fulfilled.

What parts of your identity are determined for you by other people or by society? People are free to believe in and practice any religion. Write a response to the following arguments against democracy: What dilemmas arise when others view you differently than how you view yourself?

It also shaped their abilities to influence the decisions taken by the government. As poor sections participate less in politics, the government does not listen to their concerns - coming out of poverty, getting job, education, health care and housing form them.

Understanding Identity

Time allowing, a few students might volunteer to share their identity charts with the class. It means that Judiciary must be free from any control of the legislature or the executive. Then ask students to respond to the following question in their journals What words might others use to describe you that you might or might not use to describe yourself?

Democracy Matters

Electioneering is carried out with money. Since all the international agencies fact certain conditions while giving loans, the country does not become undemocratic.and identify social and cultural factors that shape identity by reading a short story and creating personal identity charts.

Primary Menu. Why Facing History Our Work How does the Bear help you answer these two questions? How do your own experiences help you answer these two questions?

Standing Up for Democracy. Lesson 1 of Democracy in America Questions and Answers The Question and Answer sections of our study guides are a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss literature.

Home Democracy in America Q & A. Why should everyone care about money in politics? Is the corrupting role of money in politics a new problem?

How does the system work? What do elected officials think about the role of money in politics?

15 Short Questions and Answers on Democracy in the Contemporary World

INTRODUCING DEMOCRACY 80 Questions and Answers David Beetham and Kevin Boyle with cartoons by Plantu many questions in its turn about democracy: what precisely are its values, which are the ‘common features’ essential to it, and how These are some of the central questions which this revised edition seeks to answer, and.

AP U.S. Government and Politics studies the operations and structure of the U.S. government and the behavior of the electorate and Write a short essay supporting your choice with examples from the readings.

Duration: 1 hr 30 mins Scoring: 50 points Quiz: Politics in a Democracy Answer questions to assess your understanding of the content. 10 Questions and Answers on Democracy. 1. Here is some information about four countries.

Based on this information, how would you classify each of these countries? Students have the right to ask questions from their teacher in the class. (c) Democratic.

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Democracy and objectives short answer questions
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