Analysis of a very short story

They left each other while still quarreling about her not coming with him. She took night duty for three months so that she could be with him.

A Very Short Story Summary

Inner characterization From her inner characterization, we get to know that she is able to sacrifice herself to be close to the man she loves. His name is not given, a fact which has made critics believe that the protagonist may be Nick Adams, a semi-autobiographical character which is present in about two dozen short stories written by Ernest Hemingway.

Yet, Luz calls his love childish. Of course, development might not be for the better. When they operated on him she prepared him for the operating table; and they had a joke about friend or enema.

Now she had found adult love. Then, when he was on crutches, he went around taking nighttime temperatures so that she did not have to get out of bed. Luz is a night-duty nurse who helps to prepare the soldier for surgery and then shares his bed during his recuperation, a fact that is known to most of the other hospital patients.

Luz wrote to him often, but they were delivered all together. The Italian major is important for the way Luz relates to him and views love, but he also has a symbolic meaning related to World War I which we will focus on in another section of the study guide.

She wrote to the American that their romance had only been boy-girl love. The American The American soldier is the main character of the short story.

Although both eventually returned to the United States, they never met again. It is agreed that the soldier will not drink or renew his old friendships in America. This is why the woman takes the night shift in the hospital and is close to the American during his operation: Because the other patients like her, her behavior is seen as something natural: They decided that after the war, he would go to New York to get a job, and she would come afterward.

Soon thereafter, he contracted gonorrhea from a department store employee while riding in a cab through a residential area of Chicago.A Very Short Story Summary.

The narrator recollects his romance with an Italian nurse while he was wounded and in the hospital. On a hot evening in Padua, Italy, some people carried him up to the roof to look at the town.

A Very Short Story

The others went down again when it got dark and the searchlights came on. Luz and he went to bed together. Guide to Literary Analysis of a Short Story A short story is a relatively brief invented prose narrative that typically deals with a limited group of characters involved in a single action.

The main themes of “A Very Short Story” by Ernest Hemingway are love and war, as well as the ups and downs of love. The author’s message is that wartime relationships are mainly doomed to fail, as they have no real chance to develop. The main characters in the short story “A Very Short Story” by Ernest Hemingway are the American soldier and the nurse named Luz.

Several other characters are mentioned – the patients from the hospital and the major of the Italian battalion – but they only function as episodic characters. "A Very Short Story" is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway.

It was first published as a vignette, or chapter, in the Paris edition titled In Our Time, and later rewritten and added to Hemingway's first American short story collection In Our Time, Author: Ernest Hemingway.

Themes and message

A Very Short Story certainly does contain sexism but the story later deprecates the male role and a duality is created. This is first noticeable in the method of the author’s use of pronouns: ‘He and Luz could hear them below on the balcony’25/5(2).

Analysis of a very short story
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