A2 edexcel biology coursework specification

Use Mediabank to make more active revision resources There is a link to a folder called Mediabank in the left-hand menu next all the Topic folders on snabonline. The formal assessment for AS HSW takes place through a visit or issue report, teacher assessment of using apparatus, recording results and presenting and analysing data, and through the written exams.

This contains all the artwork A2 edexcel biology coursework specification images used in the student book and activity sheets, with and without labels.

For example, for Topic 1 Lifestyle, health and risk it is Activity 1. You can print off the unlabelled images black and white to save ink and label them, or use the labelled images to create mix and match or cut and stick revision activities.

Make your own active revision resources Have you seen the hyperlink on snabonline to the SNAB glossary?

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This is so they can be used for mock exams and tests! Print off the labelled image, cut away all the labels and stick the unlabelled heart to another background piece of paper.

It works particularly well for processes as well as structures as you can order the stages. Do or re-do the end of topic tests Ask your teacher to set or reset the interactive end-of-topic tests on snabonline. Your school or college may allow you access to the past papers or you can download them yourself.

What do you recommend for student revision? In both cases the student identifies a relevant question or problem. The report should be between and words. Know what you need to know! For example, use image 1. Repeat until you always get it right. You can only be examined on what is in the specification.

In A2, the HSW is exemplified in the topics, but can also be examined through other contexts. The textbooks may also include information that is useful or interesting, but you can only be examined on what is specified.

It is very similar to the previous Edexcel GCE Salters-Nuffield Biology specification and past papers and mark schemes for that can be downloaded from the Edexcel website.

Edexcel Biology for A2

The written report may be a record of a visit to a site of biological interest, or a report of non-practical research into a biological issue.

Use the Checkpoint questions in the textbook For each SNAB topic, make sure you complete all the Checkpoint questions in the shaded boxes in the text book. The specification material is covered in the textbook, which along with your own work and notes, should be your first revision resource.

Many biology exam questions ask you to apply your knowledge to new situations and problems. Should I get a revision guide? The new unit 6 is coursework, which used to be part of the old Unit 5. SNAB A2 Coursework investigation Students devise and carry out an individual experimental investigation, and present a written report of their investigation.

Test yourself or get others to test you - they read out the word, you tell them the definition, or vice versa. Students complete the core practicals and other practical investigations during the course. By the end of the course the students will have covered the same biology, and there is one common assessment structure.

Compare your answers with the original tutorial you did and your teacher marked. They get you to summarise key biological principles and highlight the really important stuff you absolutely must learn. This means that you must use the old Unit 2 Topics 3 and 4 and Unit 4 Topics 5 and 6 with care.

For AS level, the HSW is examined in the contexts provided in the topic specification statements, and through the coursework. Edexcel examination papers that are over a year old can be downloaded for free from the Edexcel website but more recent ones can only be accessed by teachers by a secure download.

This report will be marked by the teacher, with moderation by Edexcel. Teachers verify that students have completed the core practical work to develop the practical biology skills identified in the specification.

Knowledge of these techniques and skills may be assessed in questions on the written papers. Do it again the next day, just to make sure, and so on. How Science Works HSW is integrated into the specification statements, so teachers and students are clear about the way this will be assessed.

Redo the interactives Redo as many interactive tutorials on snabonline as you can, completing another copy of the worksheet as you go. You can download the worksheets onto paper or complete the Word versions electronically using a different coloured font for your answers so they stand out better.Book Preface.

Edexcel Biology for A2 is designed to deliver the learning outcomes of the ‘concept’ approach of the Edexcel Specification for GCE Biology.

It is very similar to the previous Edexcel GCE Salters-Nuffield Biology specification and past papers and mark schemes for that can be downloaded from the Edexcel website. Material examined in the ‘old’ Unit 1 (Topics 1 and 2) and Unit 5 (Topics 7 and 8) papers will be similar to the specification.

A2 snab biology coursework rationale. Edexcel snab coursework the edexcel gce biology specification and the and concept-led approaches in the edexcel biology specification for the examined in snab as coursework.

Unit 6: Practical Biology & Research Skills Field site(s): Rhyd-y-creuau stream or the River Conwy (10 minutes walk) Yes (without the pollution study) Links to Succession: Sand Dunes An investigation of primary succession of plant communities (pioneer to climax community) across a.

Studying this biology Our Edexcel A level in Biology has been level to help and inspire students by showing how an understanding of many contemporary issues requires a grasp of. Edexcel GCSE Biology Specification ().pdf - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

A2 edexcel biology coursework specification
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