A biography of the life of hillary clinton

As president, defending our values and keeping us safe will be my top priority. Hillary Clinton is one of the most prominent American politicians of the s. The Republican Senate acquitted Clinton, while impeachment articles failed in the House.

Sample Biographical Essay: The Life of Hillary Clinton

McDougal purchased a small bank which he named Madison Guaranty. Following the September 11 attacks inshe supported the U.

Presidential candidate and wife of President Bill Clinton Biography: Yet her strategy did not earn her the presidency in the end. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. Department of State Clinton, Hillary Rodham: On June 7 Clinton claimed the Democratic nomination following wins in several states, notably California.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

She provided leadership in a number of areas, including the Task Force on National Health Care, which was responsible for proposals and passing reform packages before Congress. Many attribute the fail to internal campaign strife and major strategic mis-steps Green.

Their daughter Chelsea Clinton was born February 27, Secretary of State by President Barack Obama. Rosslee, Norlisa Hanlon and Chandler, Vicky.

Senate candidate Joseph Duffeywith Rodham later crediting Wexler with providing her first job in politics. She began the primary season as the front-runner for the nomination but placed a disappointing third in the first contest, the Iowa caucus, on January 3, As a youth, Clinton was influenced by her religious education, especially from the Reverend Don Jones, who introduced Rodham to some of the issues, causes, and movements of the time.

In fact Hillary addressed her own experience as Secretary of State effectively declaring it as training for the presidency Collinson.

Scandals Hillary has been involved in several political scandals throughout her career. She worked for both major political parties that year, but by the close of the tumultuous campaign cycle she was an avowed Democrat.

Running for President At the time of the writing of this article, Hillary is a leading candidate for the presidential election.

Hillary Clinton Biography

At the mid-way point in the race, Clinton drafted an eleven page letter addressed to undeclared superdelegates, reminding them of her lead in the polls, her strength in the popular vote, and her upward trend in states critical to prior election wins, indicating her readiness to become the new commander in chief Ambinder.

She has evolved into the consummate politician and world statesman, although she is not without her misanthropic naysayers. Hillary was an active student in her high school.

Yet not everyone views her rendition as a platinum plus experience. College and graduation of Hillary Rodham: In her eleven years as first lady of Arkansas, Clinton continued to pursue activities aimed at public service and policy reforms in the state.

Obama won 11 consecutive states following Super Tuesday to take over the delegate lead and become the new favourite for the nomination, but Clinton rebounded in early March with key victories in Ohio and Texasand in April she added to her momentum by winning the Pennsylvania primary.Life in Little Rock Two years after their marriage, Bill Clinton became attorney general of Arkansas, and the couple moved to the state's capitol, Little Rock.

In Hillary Clinton joined the Rose Law Firm, said to be one of the oldest law firms west of the Mississippi River. Professor Paul Kengor, author of God and Hillary Clinton: A Spiritual Life, has suggested that Clinton's political positions are rooted in her faith.

Hillary Clinton Biography, the first lady of United States of America once now first female to stand for the election of Presidential Candidate.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Biography

The world was taken by storm, when Bill Clinton became President of United States of America. InBill became President of the United States and named Hillary to head up the dubitable Task Force on National Health Reform which was later shelved in (“Hillary Clinton”).5/5(2).

Watch video · Early Life. Hillary Diane Clinton was born Hillary Diane Rodham on October 26,in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, a picturesque suburb located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.

Hillary Clinton

Nov 09,  · Hillary Clinton () helped define the role of the modern political spouse and was one of the most accomplished first ladies in American history. A .

A biography of the life of hillary clinton
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